Jobs to be dispatched for Monday February 10th, 2020

Long Call:

1 Journeyman Wireman to Gregg Electric for the Luminance job in Rancho Cucamonga, Report Monday February 10th, after dispatch for normal 6:00am Start time, This job is Estimated to be 3 weeks

(2 valid forms of I.D. and a valid Ca. State Certification required on all Inside Journeyman Wireman calls)

We currently have 172 Journeyman Wireman on book 1 and 4 Journeyman Wireman on book 2

We currently have 1 Journeyman sound Installers on book 1 and 1 Journeyman sound installers on book 2

We currently have 0 Traffic Journeyman on book 1 and 0 Traffic Journeyman on book 2

Today's call went to #116 on Book #1

Our next short call starts at #27 on book 1

High desert dispatch will be open

 If you are interested in playing in The Local 477 flag football team this year contact Ben Pratt at (909) 246-8459

Thank you and have a good Weekend