Jobs to be dispatched for Tuesday July 10, 2018

Inside Wireman Long Calls - 

2 Journeyman Wireman for Rosendin Electric to the "Constellion Deco" project in Fontana. Report on Wednesday 7/11/18 with a start time of 6:00 A.M. (estimated duration of 4 weeks).

Today's Long Calls went to #134 on Book 1. (06/10/18)


--There were 5 Journeyman available at the San Bernardino Dispatch Hall and 3 Journeyman Wireman available at the High Desert Dispatch all on 6/10/2018--

Inside Wireman Short Calls - 

1 Journeyman Wireman for Giant Powercomm. Report after dispatch on Tuesday 7/10/18 to Gian Powercomm shop in Hesperia, and will then be reporting to a job in Ontario with a start time of 6:00 A.M. 

The next Inside Wireman short call starts at #188 on book 1.

Today's Short Call went to #188 on Book 1. (06/10/18)

High Desert Dispatch will be OPEN.

There are 202 Journeyman Wireman on book 1 and 6 Journeyman Wireman on book 2.


There are no Sound installer calls for Tuesday July 10, 2018 

There are 2 Sound Installers on book 1 and 4 Sound Installers on book 2.