Jobs to be dispatched for Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Long Call:

1 Journeyman Wireman to Eldridge Electric for the Canyon Lodge job in Mammoth Lakes report Wedensday October 10th for a 6:00 am start time this job requires 2 valid forms ID and is zone B  $12 hr. Estimated duration-3 months with possible OT.

There is currently 179 Journeyman Wireman on book #1 and 8 Journeyman Wireman on book #2

There is currently 1 Journeyman sound installer on book #1 and 2 Journeyman sound installers on book #2

Todays Call went to #11 on book #1

The next short call starts at # 156 on book #1

RENEW will be hosting a Trunk or Treat event at the JATC on October 27, 2018 at 5:00p.m. Bring the kids out and enjoy a fun filled evening of trick or treating with a movie to follow once the sun goes down.

For anybody interested in the Shotgun tournament please call the hall and add your name to the list for the November 3rd Sportsmans Alliance event

October 22 2018-Steward Class @ 5:00pm. Please call the hall and put your name on the list.