Our content management platform, Drupal, suffered from a rather severe security vulnerability last week, and many sites, including this one, were vulnerable to attack. Because of our rapid response to the security update, we do not presently believe that this site was actually compromised, and the results of a detailed site audit lead us to believe that all user data is presently safe. However, in order to ensure continued security, we have restored this site from backup.


Due to the nature of the security breach, we needed to use a rather old backup of the site, so site content may be as many as four months out of date.  All content will be restored, but it will take some time to restore the site to full functionality.


Regrettably, users whose accounts were created after 29 July have had their accounts removed. These accounts will be restored in the coming days, and you will receive an e-mail from us when this restoration occurs.


All users will need to change their password.


Thank you for your patience while we recover.